April 25, 2024

Did you Know?

*  that The Post Commander is not a dictator?

 *  that the Post Executive Committee actions should be approved by the General Membership?

 *  that The American Legion allows women to be members?

 *  that Sexual Preference, Religion, Race, Gender Identification, or Gender of Birth have no mention in the eligibility requirements to be a Legionnaire?. 

*  that as an organization, we have a set of suggested By laws for Posts?

 Do you know what By Laws are?

*  that as an organization, we have a set of suggested procedures on how to run a meeting?

 Do you have meeting?

*  that a commander should not be placing “no trespass orders” with the local police department or sheriff’s office on members that the post commander doesn’t want to hear from at their meetings?

*  that you cannot use Membership Dues to Pay your liquor distributor’s bill or anything other than membership? And that The Higher levels of Leadership may step in and take immediate control of your post when you do so?

*  that if you took an appointment to a position or were elected to a position you actually are expected to participate beyond just showing up at meetings and talking?  Maybe provide some Ideas on paper or better yet Ideas and suggested ways on implementing them and the willingness to actually do what it is that you are suggesting be done?

*  that The American Legion has no authority over your bar and grill or any form of property or business operations? In Fact the Organization never told you to buy a building, Run a Bar and Grill or any form of business operations… You and your members voted on taking that responsibility on, and that includes all liability.   Other than……. if you lose them thru mismanagement. The National org and subsequently the Department will take ownership of the assets without debt. Did you know that?

*  that If you choose to run a business, that your officers and members are legally liable for the actions or inaction of that business?…. And that you are not exempt from following all city, county, state, and federal laws that apply to your business operation?

 *  that you DO have to do some paperwork as a leader of a post in your community?

 *  that when you tell that young man or woman that came to your meeting to sit down and shut up, that you just told that to a person that was probably in charge of more people, money and equipment in the military a few short months or years ago than you may be able to imagine?

*  that by telling Veterans after March to wait until July to join, that they will save from having to pay again so soon, that you just prevented that member from possible benefits?

*  that if you take their dues in the above situation, and you individually choose to hold them until the new cards come out, that you probably just committed a crime of some type?

 *  that you as a member and especially those that are officers can and should meet with School District superintendents, elementary, middle and High School Leadership, Mayor, and  City council, Park and Recreation board, State and county board leaders, Athletic and special activities directors, the National Guard and Reserve Centers in their communities, The Military Service Recruiting offices.

* That you can invite members of other VSOs and civic organizations to be your guests at the Post? Remember to try to provide them with a written invitation in case they arrive to the Post before you. This will help them when questioned by Post staff and make it easier for them to wait for you more comfortably inside instead of outside in our Arizona weather.

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