November 27, 2021

Citizens Flag Alliance

Citizens Flag Alliance-George Cushing

In 1989 the Supreme Court removed protection for our flag. It is now legal to desecrate the flag of the United States. That same year they found that burning the flag was an act of “Free Speech”.

 The American Legion along with the other 144 civic, fraternal and VSO’s make up a membership of 20,000,000 who make up the Citizens Flag Alliance. They have treated this matter as a value to the United States.

The Citizens Flag Alliance the Congress should pass an amendment to let the people make the final determination.

Those who make the final determination on the fate of their flag. Those who stand in opposition to the amendment stand in the way of the democratic process. Those who oppose flag protection oppose the will of the majority.

Poles have consistently revealed that more than 7out of 10 Americans believe that the flag is worthy of constitutional protection. all 50 states have debated and passed resolutions to pass a flag amendment. The majority of the House and Senate have voted in favor of the resolution. But each time it fails to be voted on it fails due to the lack of three or four votes.