December 5, 2021

Trophies and awards

The end of year Trophy and Award reports were sent to department for 2019-2020.  Much of the information on the reports is gathered from the CPRs and that’s one of the reasons that submitting them is so important. 

  Sadly, we had very few awards sent into department

Since in most cases there was only 1 submission in each of our judging categories, it was very easy for me to pick the winner – however, in the Outstanding Color Guard Cat. 2, we did have two submissions and those I scanned and emailed to 3 committee members – they selected the winner.  There were a few administrative updates I ask the department to make prior to this coming years award packages going out.  At this point, I do not know when the awards will be presented, I can only assume it will be at Dept. Convention.

My intention is to visit some district meetings to talk about the program.  As a committee member, if you would consider talking about the award process in your own district meeting, plz let me know so that I do not duplicate the effort and I can send you some info.  If you’re new to the committee, I can certainly understand that you would not want to do the presentation.  I know that a lot of the district commanders are limiting attendance at the meetings due to Covid, your assistance would be appreciated.

If you have trouble reading the reports, plz drop me a note.

  I hope you and yours are well – stay, safe.  Hope to see you at Convention in June.

Jeri Strande

Chairman, Dept. Trophy and Awards Committee