May 26, 2024

Distro List Update Form

The party completing this request must  be an Adjutant of the American Legion, or the named part of the information being submitted.  Information submitted by anyone else will not receive action.

This form has three sections:

  1. Post-level Distro Lists
  2. District-level Distro Lists
  3. Department-level Committees

You are only required to complete the information that is necessary.

Please scroll to the appropriate section and provide ONLY the information for which you are authorized and wish to report.

Once the information is complete, the last email address is required to receive confirmation of the information being submitted upon clicking the submit button.

The email below is required and when this form is submitted, the email address listed below will receive a copy of this form being submitted.

I certify that by signing and clicking submit, I am an Adjutant of the American Legion or a named person in this form being submitted, authorized to submit this official information.

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