March 25, 2023

Our Facebook Footprint

This is a listing of the Department of Arizona’s Facebook

Page’s and Group’s. This listing includes all Groups within

our Area’s and District’s.

Any group or page affiliated with a local post is strictly managed by the post, not the Department and is not included in this listing.

Groups by Area:

Area A:

Area A’s District Groups

Area B:

Area B’s District Groups

Area C:

Area C’s District Groups

Candidate Announcements for Department Leadership can be found here:

Cover for The American Legion Department of Arizona
The American Legion Department of Arizona

The American Legion Department of Arizona

"Our Pillars, Your Platform," pinpoints our stand on the most critical issues such as veterans health care, jobs and education for returning servicemembers, immigration, benefits and more. The Department of Arizona Post members make it happen locally.

If any feed is blank, that is the result of no news been shared within that page/group.  Special note; photo only posts will not appear in this feed.

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