February 4, 2023

Service Officer Search Tool (View)

All Veterans in this database have a search string that was assigned to him/her, and identifies this veteran specifically.  No one Veteran should have any other string.

This string consists of the following information:

First initial, last initial, branch of service (using the correct branch code above), date of discharge (all numbers as MMDDYYYY), paygrade at separation (E, O, or WO followed by the paygrade #).

Branch Codes Are:

A – Army, N – Navy, AF – Air Force, M – Marines, C – Coast Guard, S – Space Force

Example: JDA01011945E5

This would identify a record for: John Doe, Army, Jan 1, 1945, E5. The likelihood of that same string being possible for another veteran in the same state is very slim.

Please enter the Veterans search string in the search field and click “Search”.