December 3, 2021

Convention and Conference committee

 The Convention & Conference Committee met at 10 am October 6, 2020 at Post 27 in Apache Junction. The members present were Chairman Larry Cox, Bud Hansing, Billy Ellis, Steve Sperl, Steve Agurrie and John Moffitt, Ex-officio Member Department Commander Ken Queen and Convention and Conference Chairman, Department Adjutant Angel Juarez, Auxiliary President Patsy Lugo,  Auxiliary Secretary Barbara Matteson, representing the 20&4 was Judy Beischel representing Beth Nehring. PDCs Bill Bingman, Jim Phillips and Domingo Bonilla  were guests.

October 6, 2020

The meeting opened with the Department Commander noting that membership is coming along but it needs to pick up. He noted that next year (2021) the National Convention will be here in Phoenix and he doesn’t want Arizona sitting in the back on the Convention Floor.

As of this point in time the 2021 Convention is still being anticipated.  It will be held at the Marriott in Mesa. We are anticipating having our 90 day out in March or early April of 2021.

The 2022 – 24 Convention and Conference will be held in Oro Valley.  Steve Sperl who is the District 2 Commander reported that Post 132 in Oro Valley is looking forward to hosting the events.

Due to the restrictions placed upon us in regards to people gatherings, Angel will be talking to the Marriott regarding our room allotment. We don’t have much of a idea how many people will be attending.

A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the recommendation for the 22-24 Convention & Conference. There was a question about a golf tournament at the 2021 Convention but nothing has been discussed about it. No decision has been made on same.

There was a lot of talk on subjects not directly concerned with the the  C&C so  it was not included in this report.  The meeting was adjourned @ 11:00 am.

Respectfully Submitted;

Larry Cox

Chairman, Convention & Conference Committee