May 16, 2022

JSSP Details

The Arizona Junior Shooting Sports Program (JSSP) is available on this page so that you can

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The Junior Shooting Sports Program (JSSP)
Program Committee Overview
1. Background. The JSSP Program Committee is a recent addition to the array of formally established Committees which oversee the various Youth Programs of The American Legion (TAL) Department of Arizona. At the Post level, the JSSP Program seeks to promote character building through competitive sports for youth.
2. Purpose. The purpose of the JSSP Program Committee is to to establish a vibrant American Legion JSSP air rifle marksmanship program throughout the State of Arizona.
3. Goals and Objectives for School Year One.
1. Inform Posts, SAL, and Auxiliary on JSSP
2. Begin Public Relations with JSSP principals
3. Purchase JSSP equipment for 6 shooters
4. Conduct 3 Coaches and Shooter Clinics
5. Conduct 3 State Championship Meets
6. Sponsor possible American Legion Teams and Shooters at National Championship
4. Goals and Objectives for School Years Two through Five.
1. Build relationships with NRA, CMP, 4H, BSA, USA Shooting, USOC, JROTC, ASRPA, AZ Game and Fish, Private Gun Clubs (e.g. Rio Salado, PRGC), etc
2. Form Statewide Committee of above and hold coordination meetings for support
3. Conduct 3 or more each Air Rifle Coaches and Shooter Clinics annually
4. Develop over 20 AZ American Legion Teams at the Post Level
5. Conduct 3 State Air Rifle Championship Meets annually
6. Make AZ JSSP a National Power House in 3 years
Organization and Responsibilities.
4. The JSSP Program Committee Chairman is appointed by TAL Commander, Department of Arizona, and is responsible for the effective utilization of Legion resources as well as optimum involvement of JSSP Shooters and Legion members in order to achieve the Committee purpose and goals. The Chairman will ensure compliance with the Department’s Travel Reimbursement Policy, and timely submission of accurate Expense Vouchers to the Department Adjutant.
5. When possible, the JSSP Committee will work closely with other American Legion Committees to advance Legion purposes, ideals and values.
6. Membership on the JSSP Committee is voluntary, and remains open to interested Legionnaires. There is no limit to the number of members who may serve on this Committee.
7. Committee members are asked to be actively engaged in fostering strong and wholesome rapport with Post level and other Junior Shooting Program personnel.
8. Committee members are strongly encouraged to seek opportunities to avail themselves as classroom guest speakers for presentations of subject areas related to Americanism such as Flag Etiquette and U.S. Constitution. Members should also ask other Legionnaires to do likewise.
9. Committee members are invited to share input that will potentially improve organizational effectiveness and function of this Committee as measured by increased youth involvement and Legion membership.

Interested Legionnaires for serving on this Committee are encouraged to forward their comments, questions or concerns to hdqtrs@1bv.e99.myftpupload.com, Attention JSSP Chairman.