December 1, 2021


LEGION BASEBALL, Scott Ehrent Chairman

No American Legion Baseball was played during the 2020 season. On April 7th The Americanism Commission announced the cancellation of the Legion World Series and all Regional tournament for the health and safety of the youth and adults participating in the games. In consultation with the national commander the Commission withdrew and declined to sanction baseball at the Department level.

When faced with the administrative challenge and potential liabilities of conducting baseball without National Headquarters support the Chairman recommended that the season be suspended for one season. The Department Commander concurred.

Baseball competition across Arizona has been extremely during the 2020 season. All of the states athletic  organizations cancelled their season in March. This suspended all play between April and July. However in the past 90 days some baseball tournament activity has returned to Arizona with a few Covid related problems reported. This is the most promising development to date.

Prior to the Americanism Commission decision 24 teams in Area A and as many as 18 in Area B had expressed interest in participating in the program. This was particularly encouraging because there had been no teams in Area B participating since 2017.At this point it is not possible to predict what number of teams might participate in the 2021 season, if National sanctions are restored.

Nationally, American Legion Baseball Department chairman

are focused on preparations for the 2021 season with the realization that, if the Covid restrictions are still in place, some modification will be in required. No one can forecast what form those restrictions might take.

In summary, we lost the 2020 season with the realization that our society is learning how to deal with Covid. If National Headquarters does sanction a 2021 baseball season, the Arizona teams are ready to return to the diamonds and compete.