May 17, 2022

Leadership announcements

Announcements by Legionnaires who wish to introduce the Arizona membership to another Legionnaire who wants to run for an Arizona American Legion leadership position. An announcement here does not represent a Department of Arizona endorsement of a candidate for an office.

This page is a remedy for during times of emergency when this activity is prevented by cancellations of the Annual Department Convention or Annual Fall Conference. To submit an announcement please email your information containing the announcement using 250 or less words plus a link to The American Legion, Department of Arizona media announcement for further commentary by the announcer. Email address, Adjutant@1bv.e99.myftpupload.com

Included here; the name of the announcer, the Candidate, and the office to which a candidacy has been presented. These are American Legion offices, not affiliated with public or other governmental offices. Announcements that have been submitted: